Cancellation Insurance

Unfortunately, circumstances may arise which can force you to cancel your holiday. It might also be necessary to leave or return earlier. Cancellation insurance means you do not have to bear the costs involved.

We offer a choice of two types of cancellation insurance:

* Standard Cancellation Insurance
Our standard cancellation insurance means that you are properly insured if you have to cancel your trip. In addition to the cancellation charges, the costs of any unused travel days are also covered. If you miss any part of your trip, because you have to go home earlier for example, you will receive an allowance for each day missed.

* All Risk Cancellation Insurance
Would you like to be able to determine the reason for cancelling your reservation yourself? Then you should choose our All Risk Cancellation Insurance. You are then no longer dependent on the reasons for cancellation set out in the conditions of the standard insurance, but can decide for yourself why you want to cancel your holiday. For example, if a good friend becomes seriously ill, or if you get that new job or assignment after all and want to start straight away. If you cancel on the basis of this type of reason, 75% of your cancellation costs will be reimbursed. Please refer to the conditions for the exceptions.

You can download the Cancellation Insurance Terms here with Adobe Reader or read it down under:

Cancellation Insurance Terms