Right of withdrawal

Right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal applies to products and services ordered remotely.

Excepted services

There are excepted services, for which the right of withdrawal does not apply. This includes the rental of accommodation, if the contract provides for a specific time or period of performance. (Civil Code Book 6, Article 230p, the Netherlands)

Cancellation free of charge

Although there is no legal right to cancel when renting an accommodation for a specific period, VillaLuxe offers the possibility of free cancellation within 48 hours after the final booking, provided the booking has not yet been paid for.

This cancellation period does not apply if the booking start date is within 14 days.

Taking an option

It is possible to take an option at The Old Rectory. The house will then be reserved for you for 72 hours. At the end of the option, the house will be released to other guests. An option does not cost anything.